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Foil Works Setup Or Other Recommendations

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PostSat Jan 09, 21 4:24 pm    Foil Works Setup Or Other Recommendations Reply with quote

Hi! Maybe I am using the wrong search words but I can't find any reviews or comments on the Foil Works Kite foil setup from Windance.

Also, I'm looking for our next set of equipment for the gorge, La Ventana, and maybe the coast. We've tried the SS 3'6" micro from 2020 and liked it. Attached to it we tried the Moses 633 and the Lift 150. Liked the 150 a lot. The 633 seemed only okay. Not sure why. I am only 148 lbs if that matters. And my wife liked the 150 better too and she is only 119 lbs. I'm thinking that 633 is just too big for us.

We're down in Baja trying all of these this winter. She is normally on a 5m SST. Me on a 6m.

Didn't like the Lift 170 attached to a SS DC 4'6" but will try it again in better wind. Maybe on a smaller board.

Hoping to try an Armstrong 1050 with the 232 and the 300 stabs shortly. No one seems to have the MFC to try.

Shoot me your comments. We want light setups. Prefer turny, surf style wings vs go fast. Idea is to enjoy the gorge and LV swell and waves.

We will be making the move from the heavy SS HG space skate, 36" mast, n 4'6" DC board. We both will be making most of our gybes n footswitches soon.

Thanks for your thoughts and experience!!!

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PostTue Jan 12, 21 4:34 pm     Reply with quote

The new generation of foil works boards are great, the 115 is a really similar feel the dwarfcraft 3’6” but is a bit more forgiving in touchdowns. It’s quite a bit cheaper which is a big plus. I’d try to demo the moses (sab) 679 foil and some of the armstrong foils on shorter masts (80-91cm). For people your size to ride a surf foil it really has to be tuned in well or it’ll feel really lifty which is probably why you didn’t like the 633, the 679 rides at a similar speed but doesn’t generate as much lift as the 633 does when it speeds up. In my experience, armstrong foils are really good with delivering consistent lift even in their larger wings too. I don’t know too much about mfc’s foils but i’d ride as many different foils as you can!

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PostTue Jan 12, 21 5:15 pm     Reply with quote

I have been kite foiling with Armstrong gear for over a year now and very much like my setups. I am 175 lbs and ride a 1200 front wing with a 300 rear wing and a +1 degrees shim if I am in light wind and bigger kites 7m, 9m and 12m. I will switch to a 1050 front wing with a 232 rear wing and 0 degrees neutral shim if I am out kiting with a 4m, 5m or 7m kite.

Given your weight I would recommend the 1050 front wing and 232 rear as the largest kite foiling gear you would need. Armstrong just released an 850 front wing which could be your calling, but I have no experience riding one.

As far as Armstrong masts go, the 85cm is the best one if you are riding deep water like LV/LB area or the Gorge. The 72cm is really nice to have if you want to ride in the shallows in the surf on the coast.

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PostTue Jan 12, 21 5:19 pm     Reply with quote

the market for kite foil equipment is much bigger than it was even a year ago. most kite companies now offer higher end carbon stuff so if you are looking for a lightweight setup you've got plenty of options.
one other option to consider is project cedrus mast. this is a locally produced hollow carbon fiber mast and the innovator behind the product, Kyle, has designed adapters to be used with almost every major manufacturers fuselage. its a super light mast. grown in the NW.


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