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Foil systems compatability

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PostWed Dec 02, 20 12:05 pm    Foil systems compatability Reply with quote

I am a beginner foiler currently using the SS Hoverglide graduated mast system.

I am looking to make the move and go to a more advanced setup and would like to know what is compatible with what. Does the slingshot ghost whisperer work with other foils?
Is there any standard? I am thinking that I will likely have more than one wing and would like stuff that works together.

Thanks in advance

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PostWed Dec 02, 20 1:22 pm    foils and board Reply with quote

I have found this link

I started with this setup
Align Air + HG H5 wing
then to
Dwarf Craft 4.6 + HG H5 wing

Now I am very happy with
Dwarf Craft 4.6 + Moses 91 633 wing


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Since 21 Jun 2015
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PostWed Dec 02, 20 2:42 pm     Reply with quote

Short answer seems to be: there is not a lot of standardization, other than bases, among the manufactures.

I went with Liquid Force's first set up, liking the (promised) idea that future wings, fuselages, and masts would be compatable. Alas, this has not been the case. The mast changed, along with the base... Fuselages changed, wings came out that needed specific fuselages.....Shim sets to adapt wings to fuselages...

Boards may or may not have the mounting boxes or inserts or holes in the right place for one foil set up but not others, or the mounting system and straps were just a guess, and not a very good guess. Same with foot strap inserts.

Its kind of like the early days of windsurfing, when nothing worked with anything else, except now stuff is ten times more expensive.

I'd stick with the system you have and consult Slingshot's experts for compatibility. Once you dial in your riding style and find your comfort zone, you will be able to try other slingshot wings for more or less lift and or speed.

I've found there's a ton of messing around with trying to fit a large LF wing like the Impulse onto an older Naish Hover 130. Mounting hole had to move, I've taken several shots at front strap placement, all of it involves drilling, hardware, cussing, testing, more cussing, more drilling...I just bolt right through the board and don't sweat the nuts on the bottom.

But I'm cheap and into used gear. so I figure these headaches come with the territory.

All that said, I've seen a number of guys around here make huge advances when they got on the 633 wingset. The LF Impulse did it for me. At 200 lb, I needed a larger wing than the rocket to cruise at a comfortable speed. around 1200 cm2.

I'm finding any little change involve lots of crashing and messing around.

Demos in warm water would be the way to go.

Pull the cork.

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Since 24 Oct 2014
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PostThu Dec 03, 20 8:02 am     Reply with quote

Thanks for the info - sounds like I stay where I am for a bit

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PostThu Dec 03, 20 9:36 am     Reply with quote

The new Slingshot Phantasm will work with Ghost Whisper wings and with Moses wings, so that does offer a bit more flexibility than other set ups.

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Since 26 May 2016
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PostSat Dec 05, 20 9:32 am    Slingshot Phantasm will work with Moses wings Reply with quote

I just connected my Moses 450 to the new Slingshot Phantasm 633 fuse .

I am curious how different it will be than the 400 it comes with.

More lift I presume.

Though I understand Slingshot is coming out with an assortment of wings .
This is great to be able to purchase used Moses wings to create a quiver.

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PostTue Dec 08, 20 8:46 am     Reply with quote

lots of compatibility issues arise when trying to interchange between manufacturers. this past summer, I have made several components that have allowed for adaptability to interchange wings with different manufacturers.
I've designed many adapters and might have something you could use if you find something doesn't fit right.
shoot me a pm if you find you need a solution for your foil setup. I may be able to help.


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Since 26 Mar 2011
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PostSat Jan 16, 21 6:10 am    Project Cedrus Reply with quote

I realize I'm a little late to this post, but wanted to mention Project Cedrus if foil compatibility is important to you. Using adapters (made by stringy!) it works with Moses, Axis, MFC, Takuma, Lift, Slingshot, and many others. I won't post the link because sometimes the moderators consider my posts "commercial" even though this is really just a passion project and I'm trying to support the community with locally made products and well designed equipment. But you can google it pretty easily or PM me with questions. Thank you.

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