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Strapless wind swell board

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PostSun Jun 28, 20 9:57 pm    Strapless wind swell board Reply with quote

Just tried the new naish skater and thought the landing on airs was soft compared to my naish go to.

Any other tomos out there that have soft landings on airs? Or a certain kind of construction / shape I should be looking for?

Also anyone like the sci fly?


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PostFri Aug 28, 20 1:18 am     Reply with quote

Late reply but wanted to give praise to the Sci Fly! I just picked one up a week ago and it’s one heck of a strapless freestyle machine! I haven’t tried the Skater but from talking to other, more advanced directional riders, the Sci Fly is a thing of beauty. I was blown away by the weight of it when I demo’ed it a month ago. I was riding a much heavier board prior to getting my Sci Fly and I had to offload it asap to upgrade to the Sci Fly. I couldn’t get it out of my head. My only concern is going to be it’s durability long term so that will be something I’ll monitor over the next year or two. But man oh man it totally changed my love for riding surfboards and strapless freestyle within my first 10 minutes in the water. I went with the 5’0” and upgraded the stock fins to FCS II Reactor PCs which are pretty spendy at $115. From hearing other experienced riders, fins make a pretty big impact.

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PostThu Sep 03, 20 11:51 am    Firewire EVO best board for the gorge Reply with quote

Most production boards are not strong enough to handle true strapless riding, especially in the gorge. Tradition surfboards shapes, in my opinion, are not as good as Tomo shapes for gorge riding. I have been riding the Firewire EVO for two seasons and it has endured. It has also been the best board that I have ever ridden (and I have ridden a lot). It does everything well. I highly recommend it over everything else out there currently.

I would also recommend upgrading your fins on what ever board you get. I prefer the FCS performer series (including the firewire fins) over the other FCS fin families. They are the best design suited for gorge riding. In regards to Future Fin I also like the John Johns for gorge strapless riding. Hope this helps.


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PostThu Sep 03, 20 12:34 pm    SCI FLY Reply with quote

I have a 4-8 & 5-0 SCI FLY for demo here in HR. Everyone who has tried it has been stoked !

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PostThu Sep 03, 20 12:40 pm     Reply with quote

I put straps on a Slingshot Mixer and have been jumping the crap out of it, no problems yet. Totally agree surfboard shapes are meant for hollow waves and gorge-designed boards typically handle chop better and/or slashier. Haven't tried the 2020 Slingy construction yet but the older boards have endured my torture so far (and I'm neither light, nor coordinated...).

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