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Need Community's Opinion on my Obligation
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PostMon Jun 15, 20 8:16 am     Reply with quote

$30 is generous.
If you had sent the kite to the guy, if on arrival, the guy pumped it up in his garage overnight, and noticed it wasn't holding air, then he would have a case for a return/discount. But the fact that he used it on the water, he is now the owner of the kite. (i.e. When you buy a wetsuit, it is returnable until you wear it in the water.) Bladders are a wear and tear item with no warranty after use. You wouldn't ask for a new inner tube for a used bike if on the third ride you got a flat tire. If the kite didn't fly properly after a first test flight (pulled to one side due to canopy being warped), then that would be conversation for return/discount.
Just curious, what brand of kite? I noticed that the one-pump RRD valves (2008-2011) get brittle and need total replacement, whereas the standard RRD 2005 (non spi) valves are all fine and can be re-glued if necessary. The material that RRD uses for spi valves gets oxidizes over time. I have yet to experience this problem with other brands (i.e. slingshot).

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PostTue Jun 16, 20 11:49 am     Reply with quote

This is a great conversation so thank you for bringing this up. When buying anything used it is on the buyer to check everything out as much before agreeing to the purchase as possible. You are buying "as is". This is even more critical when it is a used kite, because once you launch it on your first session there is no way to tell who did what damage.

As a buyer please examine and test air pressure, all seams, bridles, etc in person. Once that person takes possession all repairs are 100% on you unless the seller wants to chip in for any reason.

If you are selling used gear, like here on NWkite, I would recommend not shipping a kite but if you do end up shipping, give strict instructions that they let you know of any issues within 48 hours of signing for delivery. No waiting until after they take the kite to the beach to report issues or they are 100% responsible for repair costs. If something happens in shipping let the shipping insurance pay, or if it was an unnoticed defect either offer to refund or refund the going rate for a fix.

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