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November family trip: Maui or Tulum?

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PostFri Feb 28, 20 8:47 am    November family trip: Maui or Tulum? Reply with quote

Maui's been a fam favorite, but there's interest in checking out a new place. It's hard to not do Maui as it's got it all, surfing, kiting, snorkeling. Tulum area is last "fairly easy to get to from PDX" spot we haven't checked out. I've read all the past posts about Tulum on this forum. I'm the only kiter in the family and even for me it's more about the general experience.

So my question is for those that have done both:

Yes, you should definitely check out Tulum if you haven't been there.


Tulum is cool, but stick with Maui because it rocks SO hard!

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PostFri Feb 28, 20 9:30 am    my three cents Reply with quote

So I've been to Tulum only once as it is a few hours away from the Cancun area. I've been to Cancun area twice. Once it wasn't windy at all and the second time it blew all week (rare occurrence) 9m or smaller and my room was 50 yards away from the beach. It was only chop as the break was about 1 1/2 miles out on a reef. Of course I didn't bring my gear. Both visits were in November.

The place I stayed at was an all-inclusive and very nice. It was south of Cancun by about 35 minutes (Moon Palace). A big private resort and being all-inclusive really isn't my thing. It was more for other family members who had kids and their definition of a vacation is no cooking or cleaning--17 family member gathering and so it was very easy to do eliminating most of the logistics.

If your trip is more about the experience and not about the kiting then go down to that area. Zip lines, snorkeling in the cenotes (underwater, fresh water limestone caves), the culture, food, and the tequila! And the ocean waters are much warmer and clearer than Maui's.

If I went back, I'd go stay down at the beach called Akumal. I really liked half Moon Bay. It isn't desolate (far from it), but close to Tulum and other interests/activities .

That said, coming from PDX, I really didn't like the travel. Long flight to get there and not a direct flight.

Maui is SO easy coming from PDX. Direct flight, rental car, Costco stop, condo, and you're set to kite your rocks off.

If you decide to hit Maui, why not try Kona (or something different as an addition to the trip?) and go snorkeling/diving with the big Manta Rays at night?


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PostFri Feb 28, 20 1:02 pm    yucatan Reply with quote

Although I haven't been there in several years, I agree with everything Sasquatch said about the area surrounding Tulum. There are lots of fun non-kiting things to do with your family down there. The snorkeling and diving (salt and fresh) are much better than in Maui if that is of interest to your crew. Like "extreme sports'? Then take a cavern diving course... sports don't get much more extreme than cave diving. If he's still alive, Jim Coke at Akumal Divers is a great point of contact to get a taste of cave/cenote diving.

Xelha is (was?) a wonderful aquarium-like, protected setting for snorkeling with kids & spouses.

The food and the culture (if you get away from the super-touristy places) is fantastic.

The regional archaeological opportunities are mind-blowing. Climbing the steps to the pyramids at Chichen-Itza will be a memory your kids carry with them for the rest of their lives.

Belize is nearby as well.

Bring home a bottle of Xta Bentun! Enjoy...

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PostMon Mar 02, 20 5:25 pm    Maui vs Mex. Reply with quote

This is just my two cents.

I grew up flying to Mexico with my dad out of So his private airplane to camp, surf and fish. Never had any problems.

It is not like that anymore and as such I am not a fan of Mexico and will not visit nor spend money there any more.

100% of my friends who visit Baja or mainland Mexico say that it is very common to get hassled and extorted for money even though you are supporting their local economies. They all say that this happens to them and their friends on every single visit. To me that is just totally FUBAR.

Maui is in the US and is an awesome place. Even if you get no wind there is plenty to do and have a great experience.

Ozone Reo's. C&k Beach Boy Service, Windsurfing Waikiki, Hawaiian Windriders, NSRN.

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