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Brent Foster and KATU team up for a little spew session

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Since 11 Sep 2005
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PostWed Aug 01, 12 5:57 am    Brent Foster and KATU team up for a little spew session Reply with quote

Mostly lies and stretched truths!!
KATU and JEFF BARNARD, you suck at journalism. Not a very unbiased article. Crappy journalism is the way of america. Foster obviously sought you fools out for a little attention.
1) You spelled my name wrong, it's JOBY. Get your facts straight!
2) Then you go and print the crap that spews from Brent Fosters mouth without checking facts. He was almost disbarred for lying!!!
3) "A spider web of cables and 5 story towers" This is absurd! There is one running cable and 5 towers approximately 30ft of the water!! That means that they will be maybe 15 ft taller the land surrounding the water.
4) "in a sheltered area used by kayakers and paddlers" yeah, all 10 of them. Foster and Derrick Bell have made repeated attempts to skew the usage numbers of paddlers in the basin, even going as far as offering free kayak rentals by getting a bunch of people in the water at once to stage photos. Our own mayor lives just above the basin and has stated that the numbers that the 'friends' are claiming, is absolutely false. There are hundreds of place within a 5 mile radius where these people can go paddle. There is one spot that will support a cable.

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PostWed Aug 01, 12 6:37 am     Reply with quote

Is this a surprise. As someone who has lived in various places as well as most hood river residents the Oregonian is the shitiest paper around. Does not matter what section. They stink. Sucks for the misrepresentation but that is media today:-(

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Since 30 Mar 2011
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PostWed Aug 01, 12 7:17 am     Reply with quote

You can tell it is a top notch article when they spell "water skis" as "water skies" right off the bat. Nice work Oregonian! LOL

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Since 28 Nov 2010
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PostWed Aug 01, 12 7:55 am     Reply with quote

nice cover shot, Jobe.

Are you related to this company?

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Since 08 Jun 2005
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PostWed Aug 01, 12 8:23 am     Reply with quote

i dunno. with a positive picture at the top of the article, and quotes like these, i felt it wasn't backing the "friends" and their actions.... ?

"When they start throwing around things like the Endangered Species Act to stop a small development on an ex-brownfield that sits within the city limits of Hood River, you have to ask you self, what is the real reason they are doing this?" he said. "It feels to me like a bit of a hijacking."

"It replaces all those wakeboarding ski-boats, so it seemed to us it was a pretty clever environmental thing that kind of fit in with Hood River ... because there are a lot of days in Hood River when, notwithstanding its reputation, there is no wind."

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Since 11 Feb 2006
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PostWed Aug 01, 12 8:45 am     Reply with quote

seemed fairly balanced - pointed out

"Foster resigned and was suspended from the bar for 30 days after admitting he lied when he denied taking a water sample to support a criminal pollution case against a Hood River juice factory"

"Naito Development is known for its work on certified sustainable and historic buildings. Bob Naito's late father had a Portland street named after him for his visionary projects"

they didn't photoshop a salmon in Joby's mouth...

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Since 30 Jun 2007
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PostWed Aug 01, 12 8:52 am     Reply with quote

The next stop: Televised Debate
...RRrrR.... .....RAAH!.... ... ... huh?....

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Since 26 Feb 2006
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PostWed Aug 01, 12 9:08 am    REALLY!!!! Reply with quote

If those guys are environmentalists, then I'm a fashion model!
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Since 21 Apr 2007
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PostWed Aug 01, 12 9:26 am     Reply with quote

Best part of the article was Joby bootin' up July 29th....2004! with his bad ass pulley bar!!! He is the original!

Article is clunky but not so much pro-Foster. He and his tools are all liars and have no ethics as their anti-corporate tactics are their main concern. Scary shit actually but their smoke screen of "environment friendly" is fading as more and more sweet Gorge westerly wind uncovers their extremist mentality trying to protect water that is basically HR's ass crack depository.

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Since 14 Apr 2005
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PostWed Aug 01, 12 9:39 am     Reply with quote

I think the point is that KATU will just write an article based solely off word of mouth and not actually research any of the facts. These falsities could sway people to be against the cable park because of poor facts. This is the reason in general the "friends" have any at all. When you have no facts you just make shit up I guess. I could have written a better article about this topic when I was in middle school.
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Since 27 Feb 2005
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PostWed Aug 01, 12 10:02 am     Reply with quote

Its modern journalism:

Just take a few sensationalized quotes from each side + Do no fact checking + Run a few mattress commercials = Profit

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Since 22 Jul 2010
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PostWed Aug 01, 12 10:23 am     Reply with quote

With enough emails and social media awareness of KATU's failure to report. The best thing they can do to save face is to retract their story and redo, after doing their homework and due diligence.

Let KATU know they have failed.

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PostWed Aug 01, 12 12:57 pm     Reply with quote

Sorry if this becomes a long diatribe of a posting, but these news articles are beginning to get quite interesting as the story's true light begins to unfold.

In one corner we have the supposed environmental lawyer, with a history of abusing the legal system, now repeatedly being exposed for taking advantage and abusing environmental laws in his organizations legal assault and repeatedly embarrassing his organization by overstanding environmental guidelines already established/governed by the State of Oregon and the EPA (and in doing so, losing the support and confidence of all local legal entities).
Brent and his teams performance has shown that they will do whatever it takes to create fake recreational/environmental scenarios in order to obtain a caveat that allows them to duck under any environmental law they can, while recklessly accosting the local city, county and environmental agencies that are actually responsible for guiding and enforcing these environmental laws.
Ask any city or county official (off the record of course Wink what they think of Brent.
No winner here, at all.

And in the other corner we have the developers Naito construction. A business who one might think would be the one that would try to stretch or overextend their influence of the environmental laws and agencies, but has in fact established a very clean and respected environmental track record with their construction work all throughout the greater Portland area. Not to mention, they are also the ones who have actually been the more abiding by following each and every one of the city, county and environmental codes and requirements, and preparing all documents on time while working WITH the city, county and Port of Hood River.
One additional fact! Starting 12 month ago, long before the Friends were even organized, the Naitos were busy engaging in meetings with local recreational organizations, businesses and representatives to develop a proper allocation plan and procedure for making improvments along all of the existing shoreline outside of their own property lines.

Here are some basic facts for why this is happening.
Each time the "Friends" files suit against or attempts to curb or slow down any actions of this project, they are attempting to increase the financial burden of this project for not only the Naitos, but also the City, the County and the Port. Their goal is to make this so long and so expensive that if we all suffer enough, we will give in and thereby allowing them to win.

Do they even know what a Cablepark is? With all of this legal wrangling, you'd think they would educated on what they are fighting, but read any of the comments or statements by the "Friends" and they give the most inaccurate description, you would almost think they were more accurately describing a scene from the movie Terminator 3, instead of an actually environmentally friendly SINGLE wire cable park (with a 2nd small beginner line) with 5-6 almost invisible (and very removeable) metal guide poles.
Also, did you know the motor is about the same size and efficiency as a Prius motor. Ditto on the noise (if you can actually hear it).

So, what happens if the Friends possibly win this battle?
With all that extra money invested, wasted and no longer available, we would then be left with the same old dirt pool.
Will the Friends be coming to save the day and then make this an environmentally habitable and recreationally welcoming location?
Likely not.
Brent will have a new merit badge as an environmental ambulance chaser and will finally get hired by some company that values this sort of actions and the other 3 people in the "Friends" organization will go back into whatever lives they had before that had absolutely zero effect or contribution to any possible positive change along this area of waterfront.

Just some food for thought to add as the news articles begin to become more truthful about who the Friends really are and what the Naito development could really do for the community.

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Since 11 Jul 2010
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PostWed Aug 01, 12 1:15 pm     Reply with quote

I didn't think the article was slated in favor of Foster. If anything it seemed to discredit him somewhat.

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Since 21 Jun 2005
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PostWed Aug 01, 12 1:16 pm     Reply with quote

Well said Pepi. These people have waged a process war against our city. What goes around comes around.

Here is a picture of Brent I found on the Internet so that you can express your opinion in person when you see him around Hood River:

If anyone else has pictures of Derek Bell, Corie Lamb, and Linda Maddox, lets get them posted.

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Since 21 Oct 2005
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PostWed Aug 01, 12 1:50 pm     Reply with quote

Dang! Way to lay it down Pepi!

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