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Warmest Wetsuit

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PostTue Apr 06, 21 10:22 am    Warmest Wetsuit Reply with quote

The other day it was blowing 15-25 on the beach with an air temp of 46 degree / windchill temp of 39 degree. Water temp is 50 degrees. I just felt it was too cold with my present wetsuit a Hotline UHC Hooded. What are the warmest wetsuits you use in this cold weather? Thanks


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PostTue Apr 06, 21 10:26 am     Reply with quote

NP Surf Recon 6/5/4 keeps me pretty warm


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PostTue Apr 06, 21 3:34 pm    Be Warm Reply with quote

Lots of opinions on this topic, almost as many as suits to pick from...

If you like to be warm it's hard to go wrong with a good drysuit like the OR Heat / Soul / Ignites pick your level.

Many great wetsuits too - Mystic Majestic, NP, O'Neill, Patagonia, Ride Engine - my ProMotion 5/3 is still pretty toasty with the right accoutrements...

A good thick 7mm fleece rash guard from an East Coast surf shop like Cinnamon Rainbows, NH will do wonders under either a wet or dry suit of your liking...

Be WARM - it matters... just read Single Malt's recent mishap...and Dress for the Swim


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PostTue Apr 06, 21 9:57 pm    98.6 deg F Reply with quote

Mine is always 98.6 deg F inside when I am pissing in it...

Butt cerially, there are so many variables: fit (the primary one), condition (e.g. leaks @ seams), what you are doing at the time (kiting vs. self-rescuing), ocean vs. river, fit, etc.

If your daily driver is a bit chilly, consider donning a promotion wind-proof top. That’ll help maintain core temp in cold winds.

Did I mention that fit is important? You cannot fit a wetsuit online.

As others have mentioned, dress for the swim!

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PostWed Apr 07, 21 1:12 am     Reply with quote

The warmest wetsuit is a drysuit.

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PostWed Apr 07, 21 6:15 am    Wetsuits Reply with quote

I know it sounds cliche but try on as many as you can. They are all cut slightly different and contour to different body types. Not to mention, an xxl in one brand can feel like a large in other brands. That being said, for a thick backzip wetsuit, I'd recommend the mystic majestic 5/3. Once you get above 3mm, the chest zips start being hard to get into. I have shoulder problems and tried on the 6mm mystic voltt chest zip and could not get out. I'm claustrophobic so i had a mini panic attack in windance and needed one of the workers to help me out lol! If you're limber like earthworm Jim, there are a lot of good chest zip 5mm suits from ion, oneill pysco series, mystic majestic series, patagucci, ride engine, NP, manera, and many others. The oneill and mystic series are my personal favorites.

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PostWed Apr 07, 21 8:20 am     Reply with quote

i've had ripcurl and oneill, and i have to say, that oneill hyper freak, or whatever it is called, with 'techno-butter' is the most amazing thick wetsuit i've ever had. i was surfing in newport in 50 degree water, and was hot (it was sunny). and the suit is sooooo stretchy.... i can move like i had a much thinner suit on. definitely worth trying on!

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PostFri Apr 16, 21 7:36 pm     Reply with quote

I’ll second the addition of a ProMotion fleece and rubber wind shirt. It can be paired with any suit to improve its warmth. I rode maybe a dozen sessions in high 20s (temp, not wind) and low 30s this year in a Patagonia R4 (about 5-6mm) and was warm with the fleece. The R4 is not their warmest suit - and does not have a hood - but you add one on the cold days, and still have the flexibility use it in warmer conditions. A built in hood keeps you drier and warmer, which is food when it is very cold, not as great if it is warmer.

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