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Bar with longer throw, but no depower for Gorge Foiling
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PostMon Jul 27, 20 6:22 pm     Reply with quote

I Love my CCS Cloud bar... But now I want this one:

I can tell you that I was out on the wrong oversized kite at 43 mph Rufus last week and felt no discomfort with the CCS bar. I think it's 20cm.

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Kip Wylie

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PostTue Jul 28, 20 5:31 pm     Reply with quote

Hi kiterland and wylieflyote,

I am SK99% sure those are Liros lines in both links, the best available. I have only found them Stateside at

If you want to geek out on a crappy manufacturer's website, und Sie sprechen (oder einigen lesen) Deutsch,

I plan to order one of these, and post a wordy and picture-y how-to on bar and line mods. Like a "Nak 2.0" post, and like the Bar Parties from the 2-line and wrist-leash dark ages of kiting. But the daily grind of being one of the few still-employed people paying into our failing economy, and kiting most days, gets in the way :P
(not a big fan of the long YouTube videos of people trying to explain stuff)

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PostTue Oct 13, 20 7:59 am     Reply with quote

Just modded three Compsticks using 1/8 Spectra doubled over. I really like the extra 3-4" of throw I added and the line locks in really smoothly. I did not glue the tail, but used a Locked Brummel Splice with a very long tail for line durability and anti tail slip.

I used the same splice to shorten some long flying lines. With a fid designed fo up to 2mm line its pretty easy to do. Tyler showed me how to do it and has the tools. I just ordered some small fids, but he uses small stainless wire bent into a good and it works really well.

Ronstan makes "D-Splicers" which are basically looped wire buried into a plastic handle. This design, be it your own wire or the D-Splicer also allow you to pull the tail through, vs push it through.

I ordered the tiny splicer Scott linked as well. Looks like a pole with a lop on the end. You don't need it if you have wire or the proper sized D tool (F10 I think), but I think it looks like it will work really well. In fact Tyler has one that I tried, and it does.

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PostTue Oct 13, 20 3:06 pm    Roll your own fid Reply with quote

+1 for the homemade SS wire splicing tool.

Take a 6-8” piece of mousing wire, bend it into a U shape, tape the legs onto opposite sides of the tail, and get splicing...

(Any wire will work, really. I’ve done ok on 1/8” dyneema using a single straight piece of copper from household romex stock too... A finer wire U-shape is more user-friendly.)

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