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Event Site launching and high water.
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PostSun Jun 07, 20 7:32 pm     Reply with quote

ldhr wrote:
Having kites launch upwind from the windsurfers would be a bad idea.
Any issues with launching and landing and the kites would fall down on the windsurfers.
Recipe for a huge disaster.
So the whole process hinges on windsurfers upwind and kiters downwind.

Historical perspective. - windsurfers via the original CGWA contributed huge $$$$ to build the Event Site as it is today and they deserve a great place to launch.

There really wouldn't be a conflict. Kiters and windsurfers could launch from the same spot like they do everywhere else in the world. You could even reserve the West 25 feet for windsurfers, and have kites and windsurfers both launch just East of that. It wouldn't really be necessary, but if it would make a few people feel better, then great.

The whole East of the bathroom thing for kites was and is just an artificial requirement to keep members of the CGWA and CGKA separate as there was some stupid animosity between the two groups. Now that we're all one happy family, there is no reason for it. Dropping a kite on a windsurfer downwind is just a made up worry as we could all be using the same spot, one at a time.

Yes, windsurfers deserve a great spot to launch, as do kitesurfers. The two are not mutually exclusive. Since CGW2 now represents kiters as well as windsurfers, they have a legal responsibility to advocate for safe launches for both groups. There is absolutely nothing from preventing both groups launching from the West end of the grass. The windsurfers could land in the middle and kiters could land at the East end. Problem solved.

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PostMon Jun 08, 20 10:11 pm     Reply with quote

Mark wrote:
Seems like it's time for everyone to launch from the same west end spot. Kiter's and windsurfers. Especially now that we are all one CGW2.

I think kiters could make a better effort to launch upwind and land downwind where the arrows show. The further west you go towards the jetty the more you get into that hole and the southwest swirls off the Luhr-Jensen building - not ideal for folks who aren't used to aggressively flying the kite out of launchers hands and up into clean air over the water here.

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PostTue Jun 09, 20 3:55 pm     Reply with quote

oliver19 wrote:

Where do the wing dings fit in this scheme?

The Port is gonna have to re-do all of their signage and set aside the middle of the Event Site for the wing bats. That way they are near the deep water for their foils but can still borrow a pump from the kiters.

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PostTue Jun 09, 20 4:11 pm     Reply with quote



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