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OT: Rattlesnake attack
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PostTue May 19, 20 10:17 am     Reply with quote

Holy snake batman! Glad Puppy was unscathed!

Was flyfishing with Kraemer on the deschutes, hiking down the trail jawing away - Jeff grabs me just as i about stepped on two mating six foot rattlers - it is amazing how thick those guys get

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PostTue May 19, 20 4:36 pm     Reply with quote

Bull snakes...seen a few. One even chased me up a trail! Scared the shit outta me.

Grew up in rattle snake territory. Seen many. Bunny hopped one while blazing down a trail. Cool at the time, super dumb looking back on it. Those suckers don’t mind swimming either. Oh yeah, and they don’t need to be coiled to strike.

Used to move cattle during July in the desert as a kid. One time we pushed the cows through what must have been a den area. The rattlers were in the taller sage brush I guess keeping cool but we happened to be pushing said cows through that area. Not a damn thing you could do. Just slid my boots up the stirrups and tucked them close to my body. There were sooooo many. I can’t even tell you how many there were. I just hoped me and/or my horse wouldn’t get struck. I guess the snakes were more intent on keeping cool then striking? It was a nightmare scenario. I can still see the area in my mind to this day. Probably 100-200 feet of terror. Ugh!

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PostSun Sep 20, 20 9:16 am    Bull snake at Rufus last Friday Reply with quote

A little off topic, but still kinda cool.

Saw this little guy last Friday on the way into Rufus.

I zoomed into the tail to show he was a bull snake.

Bull Snake at Rufus
 Bull Snake at Rufus  BullSnakeAtRufus.jpg 
Zoomed in to bull snake tail
 Zoomed in to bull snake tail  TailZoomIn.jpg 

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PostSun Sep 20, 20 1:35 pm     Reply with quote

Cool! Rescued this little guy (with mouse in belly) working on my rental in Cali last month. I'm not the easiest around snakes, but apparently "corn snakes" are popular pets (I'll stick with dogs, thanks).

   Albino Corn Snake.jpg 

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PostSun Sep 20, 20 3:44 pm    Rattlesnake attack Reply with quote

Interesting post!! I have had four cases of my dogs being bitten. No casualties. Three were hunting dogs on bike rides and after the first incident 30 years ago, I took what the Vet in the Dalles, Wally Wolfe told me as reliable. Wally was a vet for many decades and had a lot of snakebite cases. He never had a pet die from a bite and claimed that our variety of rattlesnake was not as poisonous as most and that the worst cases were more like an allergic reaction than not. Wally taught me to just stop everything and get the dog to a clinic ASAP. Don't panic and do not let the dog run. No tourniquets, no ice, no cutting and no sucking out the poison. I put my springer in my lap and rode back to the car. Her face swelled -- bit in the upper lip -- but she survived. Another time my 12 week old springer (I am stuck on the breed) on a short walk from the house was bitten in the left front foot. Scooped her up and off to the vet--survived. I don't like to kill things that are not an immediate threat to home and family so if the snake is far enough away, I let it be. There is nothing easier to kill than a rattlesnake, they usually will stay coiled and let you go find a branch or rock. However, there are not as many as there used to be and they usually do not stick around areas of habitation or farms with hooved animals. That Klickitat Trail is a hotspot and Dangler's post is a great warning.

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