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Texas City Levee? SPI?

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PostWed Sep 05, 18 8:05 pm    Texas City Levee? SPI? Reply with quote

Anyone have experience kiting at the Texas City levee? I’ll be in Houston in Oct. and considering bringing gear from OR for a couple days of kiting (after business Laughing )

Or is it worth the drive to SPI in Oct.?


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PostWed Sep 05, 18 9:38 pm    go to SPI Reply with quote

Aaron: Way back in the day when I was learning to kite (2003) I watched these ASI guys hucking themselves hundreds of yards out at Rooster one day. Needless to say it was inspiring. This one guy was hucking it really long/large and then I never saw him again for a long while till maybe 2008 out at SI or Rooster (I've forgotten). Anyways, we were drinking beer on the beach and I mentioned that he hadn't been around and he told me he moved to Houston for work.

He told me the horror stories of trying to kite in and around the bays of Houston. Low tide is a mud nightmare. Walking through feet of heavy, toxic mud.

GO TO SPI, is my 3 cents.


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PostThu Sep 06, 18 6:58 am    TX Reply with quote

Hi Aaron,

I used to live in Galveston waaay back in another lifetime...

There was no such thing as kitesurfing then, but we'd take surf trips to SPI. As I recall, it took ~8 hours each way. You might want to factor that into your fun/effort matrix. SPI is a totally different beach experience though: sugar sand versus brown fines, blue water versus brown, some actual fetch with decent waves upon occasion versus anemic brown ankle-slappers... You might look into booking a flight from Houston to Brownsville/McAllen if you want to check it out.

It seems like there's a bit of a scene now (a shop even) centered around kiting in the Houston Ship Channel around League City.

Good luck. Don't wear your newest boardshorts, or they will gravitationally attract a big juicy tarball! And don't step on a hardhead catfish. Very Happy

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Since 10 Jul 2006
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PostThu Sep 06, 18 7:12 am    ASI $ucker! Reply with quote

Sasquatch -
I believe I am the ASI hucker you speak of .... oh how fondly I remember those days .... full head of hair, kites that fell out of the sky, and soft tissue that regenerated overnight.

Aaron -

The Levee at Texas City is worth going to. Its been improved quite a bit over the years (humidity, toxic mud, mosquitos, and fire ants probably still there). You will not meet a nicer more welcoming bunch of people (I suspect it has to do with misery loves company). My best friends to this day are the ones I made while in Houston.

SPI is quite a haul from Houston and the drive is not scenic by any definition. Think Woodburn to Salem for 5 hours without the mountains in the distance. About half way is Corpus Christi which is a great option with some good spots. The Levee is totally doable after work if you are on the south side of Houston.

Another option around Houston is down near Lake Jackson (Surfside and Quintana) most of the guys I sailed with now sail in the "waves" down there.

Go the Levee at least once ... you will leave with an appreciation for what we take for granted here as well as admiration for the local's enthusiasm.

I am sure if you call this shop they will be super stoked to hook you up!

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PostThu Sep 06, 18 9:44 am     Reply with quote

I would definitely take kites depending on the forecast. I think that time of year you are talking about frontals from the NE so wind should be predictable a few days out. Usually big kites at the Levee but the frontals can bring in some stronger winds, wetsuit weather. Houston Kiteboarding is a great resource and real friendly people. The road at the Levee is one way to the north, look for the garbage cans next to the road. Don't mistake the Levee for the breakwater that extends out into the channel. Rent a big truck, the drivers in Houston are maniacs.

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PostThu Sep 06, 18 1:21 pm    houston Reply with quote


I have been traveling to houston a lot the last two months. The advice on here is accurate. Bring a big kite. The Houston Kiteboarding guys are excellant. If you foil, bring your foil. If you are staying in houston look at El Jardin beach instead of driving to Texas city, The Houston Kiteboarding website has a web cam of the levee as well as reports. I have been using 14 m rally and 15 turbine. I fly united so I bought a board down there and have been storing it for the summer. If your interested in a flat water board let me know and I can look at leavin in Houston. I am headed down there now. Call or text me at 307-287 six-to-seven-0 and i can fill you in more

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Since 27 Sep 2017
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PostThu Sep 06, 18 1:57 pm     Reply with quote

Thanks everybody for all the advice! I’ll connect with Houston kiteboarding for the current low down. Thanks for offering use of board CAK86 but I’d rather use my own since I’m only one yr. in and can’t promise it won’t get lost. Lol.

Maybe SPI on another trip, though I definitely want to make it there.

Big up NWkite community!


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Since 09 Oct 2008
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Lake Michigan

PostFri Sep 07, 18 10:34 am     Reply with quote

Levee is some good kiting for Houston area, friendly crew....if you want to drive for kiting then Corpus is beyond good, it’s got the highest a average wind speed in the continental US, and notorious for its consistent winds. Flat water heaven, bay bump and jump and the Gulf can bring in some good waves depending on direction. Well worth the drive, just check out your ikite for a sample forecast.

Beginning of Fall is great with warm waters, and SE winds, the fronts will usually be out of the NNW, Spring is the time for NE in general. SPI great too but farther for you. CC is cheap; great Tex-mex and BBQ around area! Good luck

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Since 29 Aug 2014
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PostFri Sep 07, 18 1:44 pm     Reply with quote

second the Corpus recommendation, used to drive down there while living in Austin. Good spot (for Texas) and cheap.

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PostSun Sep 09, 18 5:18 pm     Reply with quote

October is good in SPI but it's a 6-hour drive from Pearland.

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