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Spring kite and surf spot?

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PostMon Nov 13, 17 4:27 pm    Spring kite and surf spot? Reply with quote

Any recommendations for a road trip in early April for some wave kiting and also surfing spots? Don't want to drive as far south as Punta San Carlos, live in the gorge. Yeah might be able to play on the OR coast then.

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PostMon Nov 13, 17 4:44 pm     Reply with quote

Central California - Santa Cruz down to Santa Barbara.
Pismo, Jalama, C Street, Waddell's, Scotts Creek.
It's a great road trip.

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Since 03 Jul 2005
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PostMon Nov 13, 17 6:10 pm     Reply with quote

Second that trip. Best combo surf trip and kite trip I ever did was in April around the central coast. Scott’s creek was 6 feet one day and I surfed it for 3 hours and kited it for like 5 more. So epic!!!

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PostMon Nov 13, 17 10:17 pm     Reply with quote

Spring time in Cali means clearing winds which can blow hard for a couple days at a time.

Pismo is a great spot - huge beach, drive your vehicle right onto the beach, onshore conditions. If its too big on the outside, you can just play in the shallows.

Jalama is an advanced wave spot that is almost always windy. Remote and beautiful.

Santa Barbara is more of a foiling spot - winds are usually light or too offshore.

Ventura is a really fun spot that is windy most days. Can have big surf or just bump-and-jump.

County Line in Malibu is another great spot - but things get more crowded as you approach LA.

Good surfing all along this stretch too.
- Bob

RoosterCam Guy

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PostMon Nov 20, 17 8:07 pm     Reply with quote

PISMO and north of Pismo....
If I still lived there when I learned to kite I would have never left. Lived at the wooden stairs on Wilmar ave from 1995 to 1998 and was skimming with a foil kite and trying to windsurf with not enough wind. Moved there from Oregon where wind was plenty. I learned about Kiting in 1999 but I was living north of San Diego at that time.
Windless diego made me dream about pismo. Kiting with a surfboard.
Pismo seemed like the place.
I am up north now but I visit pismo and still think it is magic.
Last few times I went thru it was spring and randomly rode in random spots---really amazing if you like surf riding.


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PostTue Nov 21, 17 9:17 am     Reply with quote

Springtime on the California coast can be incredible for wind. When I lived in Cayucos back in the the 80's as a windsurfer, I recall one May where I sailed everyday of that month on 5.0 sail or smaller. And my most commonly used sail was a 3.7 during that time. Hills are emerald green, creeks would be flowing, very little summer fog or crowds, and warm sunny windy days. Spring is the best season if you are a kiter living on the central California coast.

If you are traveling up and down the coast you can score big time by roving between Santa Cruz to Waddell, Pismo to Arroyo Laguna, Jalama, Santa Barbara to Ventura, and on down to Secos and County Line in LA county. Nice camping in and around all of those locales can be found. There are also great surf spots to be found down there also, so don't forget the traditional wave riding equipment.

Very Happy

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