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Newbie Equipment Question

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Scott R

Since 25 Jun 2017
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PostSun Jun 25, 17 7:14 pm    Newbie Equipment Question Reply with quote

Hey all. My wife & I are getting into kiting this year & having tons of fun learning. We are getting our first set of gear now & will be splitting a quiver this season. Could you please advise what size kites you think would be ideal?

I am 130 lb & 5'7"; she is 120 lb & 5'0".

We live in Hood River and will be kiting in spots near there mostly.

We own an 8 meter now and are not sure what to get next.


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Since 23 Aug 2016
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da Hood

PostSun Jun 25, 17 9:01 pm     Reply with quote

That's awesome that you both are learning together, you will have a lot of fun progressing with, and encouraging each other.

An 8m kite is a perfect size for you here in the Gorge, and will typically get you a lot of days on the water. That said, a 7m kite will be a perfect first kite for your wife, so she can get on the water with you. Most kiters will have a quiver of 3 kites, with a 2m difference in size. Unfortunately, with the two of you being only 10 lbs different, it will be unrealistic to share a 6-8-10m quiver with her. I am close in size to your wife, have kited 8+ years here in the Gorge, and have found that the guys that weigh 30-50 lbs more than me will be on a kite 2m larger than me. So if I'm happy on my 7m, they'll be putting up 9's and the guys your size will be on 8's. When you are happy on your 8m, your wife will not be happy trying to keep an underpowered 6m flying, trust me.

My first kite was a 7m and was perfect for those learner friendly days of 18-22 average. Likely, as you are still both learning, your next kites (after a 7m) might be a 9 & 10. That will give the two of you lots of time to learn and develop good kite skills. Once you are completely hooked and gain the skills and confidence to handle the windier 23-27 average days, then you might look at filling in the lower end of the quiver with 5 & 6m kites.

Also, consider that once your wife becomes an independent, experienced kiter, she may want to venture out with her new kiter girlfriends at a completely different site than you, so it's important that she has the gear she needs to have fun with, and without you!

Have fun, be safe, and see you on the water! Smile

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Scott R

Since 25 Jun 2017
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PostMon Jul 03, 17 7:01 pm    Thank you Reply with quote

thank you for such a kind & detailed response Smile

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Since 11 Feb 2006
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PostMon Jul 03, 17 7:20 pm     Reply with quote

terrible advice - ha

10lb difference = hardly any difference

pick up a 6m and 10m - its hood river the wind is changing constantly - having a few kite sizes makes it more fun

having a big kite 12m is fun when you travel to places that aren't blessed with our crazy nukin summer wind

think i made a 7m and 12m work as my quiver when i started

Go Deep!

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Since 22 Aug 2015
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Portland, OR

PostMon Jul 03, 17 11:03 pm    6,8,11 Reply with quote

I am 5'7 150lbs (WAS 130lbs when I bought my quiver). I use a 6m,8m, and 11m and can get out there on the water MOST windy days Cool. In anything from 15mph-40+ mph - it's a great set for our size. With the range kites have these days, your wife will be gtg too.
Keep on keepin' on

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Since 25 Sep 2011
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PostTue Jul 04, 17 7:58 am     Reply with quote

Unfortunately there is a bit more to it than that. Even though it is only a 10 pound difference, which is nothing, are you both the same as far as athleticism, aggressiveness, risk aversion, etc? Are you going to want to take more chances to learn faster or is she? Is one of you going to want to ride lit while the other wants to be more relaxed and slower? That difference would put you on different size kites. Eventually maybe diffferent style kites. Need more info to really answer the question properly.
You might end up with a 6,7,8,9,11 quiver. or
2 6's, 2 8's 10,11 quiver. Or?

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Since 13 Jan 2006
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PostWed Jul 05, 17 7:13 am     Reply with quote

Yep. You'll end up with many kites. I'd start with 6/7/9. If you both get into higher wind kiting you will need a 5 as well. 120 lbs is not a lot of ballist. As you improve you'll find yourselves using smaller kites in the same wind. If you only have the funds for two kites I'd do 6/7 or 6/8.

"Zipperline" aka Bob is selling his whole quiver of Slingshot SST's right now at a very good price. He rolls his kites every year, takes great care with his gear and is 100% trustworthy.


I only kite if I am alone, or with somebody else.


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Since 05 May 2017
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Hood Liver

PostFri Jul 07, 17 9:17 am    Stick with one brand of kite and bar. Reply with quote

I agree with 6/8/10 quiver. You will probably find that one of you likes a little more power and will kite different sizes. But, you may just tag team the kite. I thing the third bigger kite will come in handy on light wind days.

There are lots of brand choices and used is smart, but don't buy too cheap. Make sure to pump them up, ask about bladder repairs and then there is the bar. Check the bar out. Don't try to save money on something that you want to be safe. Newer gear is safer gear and that's that.

In a perfect world buy the kite you learned on. Buy the bar you learned on from the start. Avoid bars with lot's of shit above the bar. Don't buy anything 3 years or older.

My o.

"Clear a space for some serious miracles and tacos"

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Since 05 Jul 2016
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Hood River

PostSun Jul 09, 17 5:12 pm    Kite sizes Reply with quote

Buy your wife a 6 meter as soon as possible. I am 5'2", 115 lb and am on my 6 meter 80 % of the time. I just added a 5 Meter this year and have used 3 times this week. I have never used a 10 meter. A friend of mine has a 6 m 2016 Naish Park for sale, if you are interested.

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