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learning in the gorge

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PostSun Mar 06, 05 3:09 pm    learning in the gorge Reply with quote

I want to help a bud learn to kite ... I've loaned him the trainer and am thinking I could shepard him through some underpowered body drags before packing him off to an instructor with a jet ski or boat.

I live in Eugene and ride at the coast, so I know very little about the gorge. My bud's in Eastern Oregon (Fossil).

I'm wondering where is there a decent beach at the Gorge? Just Sauvie's? Or is even Sauvie's too small to give you some downwind room....

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PostSun Mar 06, 05 4:08 pm     Reply with quote

Well it all depends... Rooster Rock has a giant beach, although half the time its underwater and it only blows there on east wind days which are usually too windy for beginners.

The Sand Bar is just that, a football field sized clump of sand in the Columbia, miss it and you got big rocks to land on. Also its usually way too busy and gusty, though lots of people do learn there.

Rufus, which would be closer for him than any of the spots, has a rocky launch, but they are the small pebble type rocks so its not too bad. There is a strong current which makes staying upwind automatic, and its not usually too crowded. The wind is usually pretty gusty there though, and very choppy water.

Sauvies Island would be a very long drive (mapquest says 4 hours from Fossil) but it does offer an endless sandy beach to launch from and lighter steady winds. Only problem is the crowds on some days, but they are usually only really bad when the Gorge is shutdown (a lot of the Gorgians come out to Sauvies when that happens.)

Anyway I'd stick to your plan to get him trained by a jet-ski instructor (they do that in Hood River and Floras Lake) before he tries to tackle the Columbia himself.

Hope that helps! Wave

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PostMon Mar 07, 05 9:52 am     Reply with quote

thanks dax. he can drive all the way to Sauvies, since I'm the one helping him out, and I'm coming up from Eugene. "endless beach" is what I'm looking for.

any advice on which site gives a good Sauvie's forecast (some forecasts are usually better then others).

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PostMon Mar 07, 05 10:41 am    Sauvie's Forecast Reply with quote

Check the Portland forecast. You need to see NW/N/NE of 10 or better to have a chance. 10-15 probably get out on a 16 or bigger. Use the Scappoose current readings (observations). When it hits 10 it's time to go!

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