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Advice for First Surfboard?

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PostTue Jul 19, 22 3:05 pm    Advice for First Surfboard? Reply with quote

I'm one year into the sport with about 20-25 sessions under my belt. I would like to start getting into surfboard as it looks really fun and better at handling chop/waves.
First of all, is it a good idea, or should I get more time on twintip? I'm consistently transitioning and doing little jumps and landing most of them, but for example, still looking at the kite sometimes.
If it's an Ok time for me to start trying out surfboard, how's Duotone Whip? There's a 5'4" one for sale (25L). Any other recommendations? Either a specific brand/model, or features that I should be looking for?
Also, I'm 6'2" and 170 lbs, what size/volume should I get? Thanks a lot!

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PostTue Jul 19, 22 3:27 pm     Reply with quote

Sounds like you're about ready to get one. Ask yourself if you'll be riding the river or ocean more for picking one out. Also, are you riding toeside on the twintip yet? You should be. . .

River get a 5'4'' to 5'8''. Ocean 5'8'' to 6'1''. Three, four, or 5 fins. Don't worry about that too much for your 1st board.

Remember, when you get the new board, first thing you should do is "Van Gogh" it with a Sharpie with your name and # on it. FIRST THING!


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PostTue Jul 19, 22 6:11 pm     Reply with quote

I think that Whip would be a great board for you to learn on! I learned on an Angry Swallow, which is a similar shape in that it stays fairly wide through the planform. (I traded my Angry Swallow up for a Converter, learned to foil on it, and still use it strapless for light wind). Some of the more traditional surfboard shapes, or 'big wave' board like Slingshot Tyrant that are narrow and rockered may be harder to develop early skills on.

Also recommend having straps, or at least holes for straps. (If you need some drop me a PM). Just to get used to the board in the beginning you can use the straps for added security going back and forth; don't try to turn yet. The rear strap is usually the first to go, and then get used to strapless, and progress through your turns and moves that way.

Keep a spare leash and make sure the board has a loop on it but then again that's general advice.

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PostTue Jul 19, 22 8:53 pm     Reply with quote

Agree with previous posts on footstraps at first. The Whip sounds like a good choice. There are probably several theories on first surfboard, but for me having longer parallel rails was easier. Also, I liked having a lower volume, smaller surfboard. This allowed me to sink the tail when waterstarting with straps and makes the progression quicker. I started on a 5'4" SS Screamer and loved it for a year and then eventually moved to a larger surfboard that surfs better and goes upwind better.

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PostWed Jul 20, 22 5:04 am     Reply with quote

Footstraps are useful to keep your feet attached to the board while you are waterstarting and learning. Width is just as important as length when sizing the boards. A board 18.5"-19.5" wide will be more stable for learning the foot switch when you jibe. Even wider is nice for light winds.

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PostWed Jul 20, 22 12:13 pm     Reply with quote

Best learning board for directional

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PostWed Jul 20, 22 2:10 pm    Cheap boards Reply with quote

Some used directionals for cheap here

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