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Kite Bar Length

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PostThu Jul 14, 22 1:43 pm    Kite Bar Length Reply with quote

Through a hilarious mix-up I am now in possession of two brand new Naish control bars - one 50cm, one 55cm.

Based on my reading online and the size of kites I typically fly (mostly 6-9M, 12M once or twice/year), I should be using the smaller, 50cm bar. Now that I can compare both new bars to the one I've been using since 2015, it turns out that I've been kiting with a 55cm bar just fine and blissfully unaware.

So polling the audience here, which bar should I keep and which should I return?
Am I splitting hairs here?
Would I even notice a difference?

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Since 21 Feb 2016
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PostFri Jul 15, 22 8:52 am     Reply with quote

7,9,12 . Mostly 9 and 12 and like 50cm bar. Mostly I'm just mowing the grass. I have used both the 43 and 55 in the past for whatever its worth.

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PostFri Jul 15, 22 10:29 am    my 3 cents Reply with quote

bigger the bar, the more leverage you'll have on the kite.

You should at least try the smaller bars on the smaller kites.

I remember like 18 years ago I had a rat's nest with my smaller bar and so I used my 22.5'' bar on my 8m. I was just learning in the ocean and waves. I took a crash in the waves and the extra leverage with the bigger bar made the kite extra responsive and so I crashed the kite in the surf. Then I had no bar left as I had two rat nested bar and lines.

So, I like a smaller bar with the smaller kites. 6m, 7m, 9m I use a 17'' bar, 10m I use a 20'', and 12m and up the biggest one available which I think is 22.5''. Basically what the manufacturer suggests using and provides with their kites.

Side question. I don't own a smaller kite than a 6m. Are smaller bars than 17'' made for sizes like 4.5 to 3m kites?

Another time I remember having only 1 bar (it was a 17'' bar) and I was using it on a 19m C Kite. Not only was the responsiveness extremely slow with the smaller bar on a super big kite, I was kiting in marginal wind and so I had to sign the kite in order to generate power. If you like tennis elbow, this is a great way to get it. Tennis elbow only takes a small amount of movement and time to incur, but it takes months and lots of ice packs (pain) to rid yourself of it.

Sounds like you have been doing fine with just one bar, but I think you'll like/appreciate the fine tuning a proper bar length with the appropriate kite will provide you.

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PostFri Jul 15, 22 11:11 am     Reply with quote

Tune the big bar and send the small bar back, if you have to choose.

Having a backup is nice, instead of untangling a mess on a windy day.

I use my big bar as first choice, and mostly with a 6 or 4.5. I like the extra leverage, I want the kite to steer with as little effort as possible. I still find my self reaching up the steering line to get a faster response in light conditions.

I’d keep both.

Pull the cork.

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