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OT knee look-see

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PostSat Feb 12, 22 6:20 am    OT knee look-see Reply with quote

My peoples-of-the-wind;
I need to find a referral for a knee doctor, as my right knee has become mildly chronically inflamed. I can still do basics like swimming and lifting, walking, but I can tell there is something-not-right, and I think it’s time for a professional look-see. The usual home remedies, like listening to Slayer: Reign in Blood, while making offerings to a large burn pile/bonfire aren't working... If you can recommend anyone, please let me know. Thanks.

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PostSat Feb 12, 22 9:26 am     Reply with quote

Dr Roberts is the team physician for the Trail Blazers and has helped me tremendously with my knee. I've gone from being nearly crippled and being told no more kiteboarding to hardly noticing any issues with my knee. I'm back on my bike and working out even, something I couldn't do for many years.

BTW, I can't recommend the Orthovis injections highly enough. Magic stuff, that.

Lastly, I'm sure my favorite herbal supplement has helped tons as well. You can buy it over the counter, just ask for "rum." Wink

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PostSat Feb 12, 22 9:09 pm    Knees Reply with quote

I second the recommendation for any of the knee specialists for the blazers. It's important to find someone sports focused. The general knee orthopedists are more conservative in treatment and geared more towards folks who are just going for sunday walks. Eric Meira is a PT with North Lake physical who worked with me and did the knee physical therpay for the blazers including Damian Lillard, CJ McCollum, and worked partly with Zion Williamson. Eric will push you hard in PT to get back to active sports. It's a legit workout whenever you see him. The small muscles in your quads and hamstrings do a ton to alleviate joint and ligament pressure.

The orthovisc aka rooster comb juice is effective but it's more of a 6 month band aid vs. a permanent solution. Might be a good idea to see a doc first, get an MRI to see if there's structural damage, and then go from there. Having had 7 knee surgeries, the preventative treatment rarely gets to the root of the problem especially if you're intent on being active. The sooner you get it looked at the better. A small PCL tear could lead to instability and compensation elsewhere which could put added stress, alter your biomechanics, or tear other ligaments.

Remember, if you do get surgery, it's a 3 step process and all 3 are equally important - prehab, surgery, and rehab. Need to be fully committed to all 3. Just getting a procedure isn't going to fix things and get you back to feeling right. Let us know how the appointment goes and maybe we can help out further. Best of luck.

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PostThu Mar 03, 22 12:37 pm     Reply with quote

John Durkan in Hood River. He was the US Snowboard Team Dr for '98 Japan Olympics. Did my ACL graft, wife's knee, father-in-law's as well.

Now if you need one for a shoulder, man oh man do I have a rec.

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