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Naish Boxer Stripped of Octopus System
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PostSun Oct 25, 20 7:04 am     Reply with quote

Hey singlemalt, thanks for the details! We may have spoken at the ES when I was playing around with a trashed 11m Pivot.

Found this while researching the newer 1-strut Boxer, which is my next light-wind kite. With the only strut on the newer Boxer near the access panel, I'm sure it's not too hard to repair, and the Octopus is still in all but the newest Naish's so it comes down to price and availability for me.

The only leaks I've had with my '15 and newer Pivots have been in the rubber seals and flaps on the Boston valve, which were easily solved with a $10 Airtime replacement. What surprises me is when people say the struts leak back into the LE by design, which isn't the case with the one-way valves I saw dissecting that Pivot, but maybe the older design was different (as this was a much older thread).

I'll keep my eye on that glue. Recently dissected a '10 Rebel and all the LE valves' glue had literally turned to dust. Oddly, all five strut bladders still hold air perfectly.

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White Salmon

PostSun Oct 25, 20 9:01 am     Reply with quote

That was me.

Problem was when a strut started leaking, the leading edge got soft. The one way valves let the struts inflate, and trapped the air. You had to pull the plug on the struts to deflate when packing up. There was no clip or way to isolate the struts.

The most common problem I had was the strut bladder side of the octopus. And that lets the leading edge go soft.

I’m sure I’m not the first guy to McGiver a way around the octopus.

It was an entertaining project, but I had less than $200 into that kite anyway, I wasn’t throwing any more money at it. The kite itself was in great shape, that was the only reason I tried to fix it.

If the boxer holds air on the leading edge, and flies right, I’d just deal with inflating the single strut. Needle nose to pinch the strut inflate valve. If the strut loses air that probably wouldn’t mean a swim.

I need to look into the Boston valve repair, some of my LF’s have had that issue.

Now, free or cheap boards in need of repair are more up my alley. That I can fix.

Pull the cork.

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