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Lighter and stronger kites?

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PostSat Sep 26, 20 2:17 pm    Lighter and stronger kites? Reply with quote

I now see there are two kite companies that have replaced dacron with supposedly a lighter, stiffer and stronger fabric around the bladders and other key structural areas. Ocean Rodeo is using a material called "Aluula", and Duotone has just release some 2021 kites with a material called "Penta TX".

Would sure like to hear feedback from anyone out there that has tried these new kites and what they found with performance and other characteristics. I like the idea of a lighter, stronger and stiffer framework for inflatable kites. It all sounds great till you look at the price tag, yikes! I want to ride the best equipment I can get my hands on, but don't want to spend the extra dollars if the kites are just marginally better.

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PostSun Sep 27, 20 12:20 am    Penta & Aluula Kites Reply with quote

Hey Windian!

Great to hear some more 1st hand 411 in the meantime Mr. Kitefinder has a good head to head with the new NEO SLS 2021 vs. NEO 2020 here:

I was following the release of the ALUULA Black campaign closely, even dropped in at the AWI show to sneek a peek - can't imagine why they went with Gold - Yuck! Keep meaning to take out the DEMO's from Windance for a spin but having so much fun on my non-Aluula Flite still haven't gotten the chance. (Also not secretly waiting for the ALL BLACK design to make a comeback)

Also as a heavy formerly North (Rebels) now Duotone user was very excited about the new 2021's checking the website everyday seeing the cool colors on the Dice, Neo only to be left with more questions than answers on the final output...

If the new material is so good why is it ONLY offered in the NEO? Maybe it's still in the more to come category??? Did it not work well in the other kites? And what's up with the white/pink and yellow Rebels - yes there's a blue one = but so bummed to not see the dark charcoal with white panel and bright yellow D - just saying...

Can see the wisdom of paying up for Aluula or Penta for light wind kite - love to learn more about how it might benefit the bread & butter sizes 7,8,9,10 we ride most often when it's actually whitecappin'

Please SHARE your 411 - I'm boycotting everything 2020 so now very focused on the 2021 gear from all the vendors - any others putting new materials to the market? My understanding is these designs can pump up to VERY high numbers vs. dacron kites for massive stability.


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PostMon Sep 28, 20 1:16 pm     Reply with quote

They did a good test of the standard vs Aluula Roam on YouTube too. I demoed the 10 m Roam from Windance. It’s very light, stiff with a narrow leading edge, and aluula is hydrophobic. Amazing kite, the upstroke was as quick as the down stroke. Probably only worth the extra price in 10m and up though. I’m considering The 12 or 14.5m Flite for the North Coast

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