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Another question for the strapless pros - boards

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PostThu Aug 27, 20 3:32 pm    Another question for the strapless pros - boards Reply with quote

Are there any characteristics that make a kite surfboard better suited to strapless riding in the Gorge?

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PostFri Aug 28, 20 12:32 am     Reply with quote

I’m certainly not a strapless pro (yet...) but I fell in love with strapless after demoing the Slingshot Sci Fly 5’0” board in early July. The moment I picked it up I was blown away. Insanely light weight and has a great side rail grip because they designed an area with a slight groove there which made it so easy to grab the board quickly while I’m learning to pop off waves. You’ll want to get a light weight board for sure, it makes all the difference.

Based on multiple recommendations from actual strapless experts + Dave from Wind Dance, you’ll want to upgrade the fins. I got the large FCS II Reactor PC fins to replace the stock ones that it comes with. You can really feel the upgrade with the fins when you’re going upwind, and when doing quick S-turns while riding in swell.

I went from a Cabrinha X-Breed strapless board (w/ foil rails built in... HEAVY) to the Sci Fly and it made every aspect of strapless riding a lot more fun. I would certainly recommend the Sci Fly board to anyone for the Gorge or La Ventana conditions.

On top of that, it sits at a good price point compared to other boards in its class. For example, the Duotone Pro Voke goes for $1,050. The Reedin No Brainer is about $1,370. North has a strapless freestyle board for, I think, $900 as well.

I’m not sure if the above Duotone & Reedin boards cost kite because they come with the upgraded fins or not. If not, add another $100 dollars to the price if you have to buy them new. Do yourself a favor and get the better fins straight away.

I haven’t tried either the Reedin or Duotone boards so I can’t talk first hand about them, but I did research and talked to a lot of people that highly recommended the Sci Fly over other strapless freestyle board out right now. A few people said it’s the lightest board out. My only concern there is obviously durability so we will see how it does long term.

Overall, I can’t give this board enough praise. It rips upwind, it’s so fun to fly around on, and it has a great pad that provides a noticeable “suction” effect with your feet (super unique feeling). I’ve already PR’ed on my air tome and height with it multiple times this week (I got it Monday). I just love the heck out of it. Props to Slightshot for stepping it up in 2020, they hit a home run with the Sci Fly. The color scheme is quite sexy too! Wins all across the board (pun intended) with this work of art.

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