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We need a consensus on kiting during Covid-19.
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PostTue May 26, 20 9:15 am     Reply with quote

OK, we're getting a bit far afield here. The idea of this thread was to figure out as a community how we handle kiting. There are other threads to discuss other aspects of the current situation, please try and keep this thread to just one subject: "What is proper etiquette and procedure for kiting this Summer?" Perhaps if we narrowed down the subject even further, and expanded once we can figure that out. Let's start with the Event Site, as that will be opening soon.

HR locals, what are your thoughts? Please leave out the anger and be specific. Who do you think should be kiting at the ES? Locals only? If so, specifically what is a local? Under what circumstances do you think non-locals should resume kiting? Should kiters from closed counties stay away and kiters from open counties feel welcome? If a non-local kites, should they just kite and leave--avoiding town? Should kiters linger, or kite and move on as quickly as is reasonable? Should we press the port to limit parking at the ES to limit crowds?

Again, please limit the comments to the Event Site for now. When and if we can come to a consensus as a community we can then broaden our discussion to other areas. PLEASE be civil and keep the discussion to understanding and dealing with government regulations as well as helping our friends feel safe. Please be positive. Include in your posts what conditions you feel would merit opening things up further.

Non-HR Locals, try and give the locals a day to respond. Maybe refrain from posting until Wednesday evening. Let's see the local perspective about specifics, and then chime in with ideas after that.

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PostTue May 26, 20 10:02 am     Reply with quote


The concept that "locals" have more say is moronic in my mind.

Public is Public. PERIOD

Now, within those constraints there is still opportunity for common sense.

Collectively we are all in this together. Some people will partake in riskier activities than others.

If you are driving a couple of hours to your kite spot you have to stop at a gas station each time. This creates more risk. On the flip side, even if you only had to drive 5 minutes to your kite spot you will still have to fill up sometime. There is still risk.

If you had to fly here you went through airports and were stuck on a plane with a bunch of other potential carriers. This is very risky. Please self quarantine for a couple of weeks before partaking in local activities.

When on the beach it is really hard to social distance when you see your kite buddies you haven't seen in ages. Make strong efforts to try to provide proper distancing.

Parks in the Gorge are slowly being opened up. If/When we get flare-ups they will be shut back down. If we all make efforts to collectively be safe we increase the likeliness we will be allowed to use them.

It just takes a couple of bad apples to ruin it for everybody.

* edited for grammatical error*

Kiting starts at 40MPH

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PostTue May 26, 20 10:06 am     Reply with quote

Full disclosure; I am a Gorge “local” but only for 25 years so not actually a local
Also, I almost never use the ES so I have no horse in this race

Lots of things to consider, of course, or we wouldn’t need this thread. In high water vs low water, sand bar vs no sand bar. Weekdays vs weekends, small crowds vs larger crowds. Holiday Weekend, 4th of July different again. Safety vs fun, both are necessary for a healthy life. Everyone has a different level for risk and different risk assessment.
Do we consider HR only or does where you come from count as well? If your home is still under stay-at-home and has higher levels of infection, maybe consider actually staying at home. Is it legal or ‘right’? Don’t know, don’t really care. Why would you choose to break the law and potentially injure others to get a fun-buzz of few days early? Having just reread that, it is a real question, not trying to be a jerk. Honestly curious. When does your freedom and fun become something you consider curtailing to protect others? We are all very privileged here and when do we decide I can stop/slow my own roll to help others? Most of us do this on the water when someone gets in trouble, we stop our own riding and help. Just an extension of the same attitude.
If your home area is quiet and you have been good at physical distancing, you and yours are feeling safe and healthy and you can control yourself a little, sure come and enjoy safely. Try not to put your self, family and others at unnecessary risk. Going into town is a different question. Can you maintain physical distancing? That’s sort of the bigger question in all of this.
Maybe parking every other spot on the weekends to spread the clumping that is inevitable with the independent types kiting attracts? In the high water, Launching/landing on the grass is going to be just nuts. I have no idea how to deal with that, local or visitor. Open for suggestions...
This is all related to accepting some personal responsibility, something most folks are not great at. How do you enforce that? If you come in from out-of-town and bring a problem, virus or otherwise, what is your responsibility, what is your price? If you make someone sick, do we get to make you sick? If someone dies, do we get to kill you? Crazy talk, I know but where do you draw a line. If we can’t figure out something reasonable and easily enforceable, things will get & stay shut down.
No beer, no partying, rig, ride, de rig, leave are obvious. What do we do with the folks that are hanging on the grass watching? How do we keep physical distance when it gets crowded, as it will? Especially with high water, no sand bar? Anyone know when the water level will drop? That might help mitigate some of the distance issues.
And yes, this means HR riders stay in HR so as not to spread the problems the other directions.
Sorry, long yap but someone had to start. Not much help I know but open for all suggestions...

curiously observing blurry patterns while slightly distracted

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PostTue May 26, 20 10:13 am     Reply with quote

It's the port's call -hence the term "port of call"

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PostTue May 26, 20 10:27 am     Reply with quote

Here is a resident’s perspective:

This is a nice idea for a post but it doesn't much put me in a growth mindset when you start your post off characterizing the leadership of regional executives and legislators with your own bias. If you wanted to go down this road again why not highlight the failed leadership of the current President of the Untied States?

This weekend I saw throngs of Vancouver-ites and PDX folks (even some CA residents) at my local beach/launch (the one that I use daily in other circumstances). They were there just as I was because this beach is open. Judging by the way they (kiters and non-kiters alike) carried themselves I would say we are pretty unable to self-regulate since it only takes one person to fail to keep their distance to break it down. Most seemed to have landed on the fact that they have "their group" and the responsibility to distance was laid at the feet of anyone else in the area. Nobody gave a shit about me or my family or who was in the spot first or much of anything other than their own "right" to be there.

As Jack suggested, this is going to be whatever those that come here say it will be. You may want to hear my opinion but I doubt you will listen. The visitors will be determining what life for the locals is like in HR. The only constructive advice would be to take the North Dakota Governor's words and treat others and their choices with respect. Your "go to" should be to keep your space, wear a mask when appropriate and not judge others for wearing one as you do not know their circumstances.

The launches will open regardless. Like some are saying the best bet is just come down, pump up, go kiting, break it down and go home. You don't need to linger and discuss your wing set-up and backroll over an IPA for the time being.

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PostTue May 26, 20 10:28 am     Reply with quote

Nak wrote:
The idea of this thread was to figure out as a community how we handle kiting.

There's nothing this forum needs to handle for the kite community. Anyone can kite right now. Not being able to kite Mosier is laughable and not being enforced. The reason I'm not kiting Mosier is it's shitty chop, not because of some sign that looks like it was created by a 5th grader.

If you want the real rides....go to Avery / Arlington etc. Stevenson, the Spit and Marina are nice options to have as well. Enjoy your time as a stealthy kiter, maintain proper social distancing, and go home. It's that simple.

For the Event Site the Port has the difficult job to determine what the best situation is and I'm glad they kept it closed during this past long holiday weekend. If and when they open it up I have my parking pass ready to go and I'll respect whatever the port deems necessary. They have a tough job right now and the last thing they need is for anyone to tell them how to do their jobs.

The Event Site will be a busy spot so if you're not comfortable with distancing....go someplace else. If you don't like the hassle of a mask...there are a dozen self launch areas up and down the Gorge to enjoy as outside recreation is absolutely the least of most people's worries right now so I think of kiting etiquette forum discussions as first world drama. What does scare the shit out of me is walking into Safeway, Home Depot or an airplane.

Most importantly the river flow is booming and it's still dressing for the swim should be our main concern.

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PostWed May 27, 20 8:27 am     Reply with quote

bigjohn wrote:

The concept that "locals" have more say is moronic in my mind.

I wasn't saying that locals have more say, I was just trying to start a dialogue by having the locals articulate their position in a specific and positive manner. Then visitors could better understand their concerns and address those concerns specifically. Right now most posts on this subject have devolved mostly to name calling.

brass wrote:

This is a nice idea for a post but it doesn't much put me in a growth mindset when you start your post off characterizing the leadership of regional executives and legislators with your own bias. If you wanted to go down this road again why not highlight the failed leadership of the current President of the Untied States?

You got me. You're right, I idolize trump and believe everything he says. I mean look at my posts. I'm clearly a big fan of the coal trains and I love Global Warming! I like it warm! Yep, I've never spent big portions of my savings fighting for the environment. Rolling Eyes I get it, you can't get past partisan politics and any critique of any Democrat is wrong, period. The simple fact is we're not dealing with Trump at the Event Site. We are looking to Kate Brown for guidance in Oregon and Inslee in Washington, and the guidance we're getting we're getting is confusing and contradictory.

Look guys, I was just trying to turn the bickering and fear into a dialogue. It saddens me that what was once a community is fracturing badly.

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