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So Grateful for the kite community

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PostTue Aug 27, 19 8:39 pm    So Grateful for the kite community Reply with quote

My name is Brad, and I have been wanting to express my deep thankfulness for the kite community. This is my second season learning this beautiful, radical and humbling sport. I love it so much, and embrace all that it offers. It has also pushed me to limits that I have never experienced, and to respect the power of the wind.

I chose to start this journey in Bahía de Salinas in Costa Rica. My instructor Sebastian helped me start my journey. That week was unforgettable no matter how many times I got "tea-bagged". Then there was Antoine along with Zac, Daniel and the whole gang at Aerial Kiteboarding in Squamish. I currently consider Squamish, BC my kiteboarding home. It is where I learned to ride independently.

And then there is my Airush Switch board that I got from Pepe at Second Wind Sports in Hood River, OR. I swear that board has 9 lives! From Matt in Squamish, Bobby in someplace close to Lyle to Alex and Hein in Rufus, they have saved my board when I couldn't get to it. The Colombia sure can test your body dragging skills! Thank you for saving my orange board!

And then there Dan and Tony, who saved me from a super dangerous death loop situation. My bar got caught in a chicken loop reset, and sent me for a ride that made me question if I was going to make it. Some situations they just don't teach you in lessons. These two firefighters from Alaska, saved my tail and Mike saved my kite. I don't even know who saved my board. All I know is that without them, I don't know where I would be right now. I will always be grateful to them! As I took about an hour to untangle my lines, I thought about how this is just part of the total experience. I rode again that day, and that was important step in my journey. I couldn't have taken that step without all these wonderful kite--guardian-angels.

And then there is all the moral support from people like Debbie and John (Rufus), the Brady's (Flora's Lake) and Butch and his wife (somewhere close to Lyle), Quique from Progreso, México and the crew from Epic Kiteboarding in Florida. Everybody that I have met in the global kite community has been surpassed my idea of what communal kindness means. They understand the highs and lows of the sport, embrace that you're out there, have compassion on your development and help you in every way. All I know is I look forward to offering myself in the ways that all of these people have for me. I offer what I can now, but can't wait to do what guys like Tony, Daniel, Antoine and all the others have done for me. Even in our brief moments, I consider you a friend and carry you in my memory!

So far in my journey, it has been solo. I often tell myself that I need to learn how to self launch and land. As I write this, what I would like more is to kite with others. I want to be more a part of the kite boarding community. So in short, I hope this post gets to those who I am so thankful for, and hope to see you again in the seasons to come.

With heartfelt gratitude,


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Since 20 Aug 2016
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PostWed Aug 28, 19 8:37 am     Reply with quote

Absolutely. The best community ever. Very Happy

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Since 11 Sep 2017
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PostWed Aug 28, 19 10:42 am    Kite community Reply with quote


Thanks for your post. Sounds like you have been to some great places, it's impressive how common experiences kiting create such strong bonds of community.

Let's hope to keep the Stoke alive and growing as has been my own experience both learning and now helping others discover the passion for themselves...

Squamish is a great spot - been on my list to kite there but haven't checked that square off my list yet.

PM if you are down in the Gorge - happy to KITE Rooster with ya' - da EAST Winds a comin'




42, the Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe and Everything Smile

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PostThu Aug 29, 19 2:18 pm    Stoked! Reply with quote

Hey great post.

I've noticed that kiteboarding has a very unique connection among its members. Compared to mountain biking, the cost of your gear has little to do with your ability. If I'm on a $10k bike it will definitely make me look better than $2k one. The best kite gear on the market still can't help with any lack in skill.

I would say most of us have been in a scenario where someone has helped us out of a bad situation, or at least potentially bad, so paying it forward seems to be on most people's radar.

Being an extreme water sport, the potential for serious injury or death is constant. For any of us that have had close calls, I think that awareness keeps us on our toes and constantly looking out for people in distress.

If you do plan on checking out Squamish I would be happy to be your guide.

All the best to you in your kite journey.

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Since 21 Apr 2007
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PostFri Aug 30, 19 10:30 am    Re: Stoked! Reply with quote

burton420 wrote:
Being an extreme water sport, the potential for serious injury or death is constant. For any of us that have had close calls, I think that awareness keeps us on our toes and constantly looking out for people in distress.

Very true. Kiting to outsiders looks so easy it's deceiving. People that lean towards the sport and reach long-term success trend towards technical/engineering backgrounds. Obviously not all, but you have to put the time in to reach the basic level of being a "kiteboarder" because the laws of physics in the sport can and will ruin your day in a split second. Having a solid understanding of how to control the madness, in a safe way with style, takes talent. I think that's the bond that binds us all.

I've been kiting since 1999. I kite a lot. I'm not that good. My flying skills are solid. My board diversity sucks. Everyday I learn something new.......mainly from my fellow kiters because we're all kind of dorky but the consensus is our time on the water keeps our other 21 hours in a day on keel.....which helps us find more time to kite. Circle of life kind of shit mi amigos. Laughing

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butch simones

Since 30 Sep 2016
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PostFri Aug 30, 19 3:26 pm    Kiting friends last forever ! Reply with quote

Hey Brad ,
Great post ! We have all paid our dues and have had lots of help along the way . I'm glad to hear that your still hanging in there . Are you still teaching and living in Bend ? We will be there around October 1st ish and we would love to go out and have a beer and catch up.
Butch & Paula (Lyle sandbar)

butch simones

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PostSat Aug 31, 19 7:27 am     Reply with quote

Awesome post of stoke from you Brad.

Keep up the stoke and always remember to pass it on to other kiters as you continue forward with your love of kiting.


2nd Wind Sports
Hood River, OR

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PostSat Aug 31, 19 8:49 am     Reply with quote


I'm glad you took the time to write this post, and I'm glad that Tony and I were there when you needed help.

Definitely pay it forward!!



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