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Best Oregon Beaches For Foiling

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PostSat Aug 10, 19 2:13 pm    Best Oregon Beaches For Foiling Reply with quote

I think I'm ready to SUP-FOIL the coast. What are the best beaches (no hidden rocks)? Looks like tomorrow will be 2 footers. Is that too small / shallow? I don't want to get thumped on my first day in the ocean, so I'm thinking littler may be better?

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PostSun Aug 11, 19 8:46 am     Reply with quote

Hey Flipper, I will be around Seaside this week likely giving it a shot in the small waves. I think most important for me is to be away from crowds. I've tried it once on an uncrowded day at the cove and did OK. Since then I've had it out twice on flat water with a kite to figure out foot placement.

The problem when it's too small is the waves break too shallow...but it's all sand so...

I could see the river mouth reform being amazing on big winter days.

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PostSun Aug 11, 19 11:08 am     Reply with quote

Good surf foiling waves are not the same as traditional good surfing waves. For surf foiling you are looking for wave that gently breaks or crumbles at the top, then back off and the swell reforms into a shoaling wave that has some steepness, but it is not breaking and maintains that shape for a long time while it rolls towards shore.

For that reason alone and many others like intense crowds, shallow sandbars, steep top to bottom waves it is best to stay away from the popular surf spots and seek out empty lineups with foiling waves. A good foil wave hunting method is to go to places where you can view miles of empty and uncrowded shoreline from a tall bluff and look for outer bars that are popping and then backing off into foiling walls that have some steepness.

Don't be a lemming and follow the pack to the name spots. Seek out your own private peak and foil away without having to compete for waves.

On top of that many core surfers are some of the most closed minded people and have little tolerance for other methods of waveriding. You will not make friends in the lineup with a foil board at certain surf venues, and that does not just apply to Oregon.

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