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Another Slingshot board question?
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PostSun Mar 31, 19 1:30 am     Reply with quote

Rightcoast wrote:
I posted on this forum because of Slingshot being V. popular in the NW. I can't find any demos where I live to try the different boards side by side . I ride a bit more powered than many ,and the Tyrant has been my goto board when I'm powered without lulls . Use a Cannibal and other strapless always with less wind or unicorn waves Smile. The Celeritas would be for crap onshore to side on conditions or powered to puffy flat riding /jumping ,up to 12 mtr. conditions . The question is ? 5"8" or 5'10"? Ldhr I might be in contact . Thx again all... good winds

I would think the 5’ 10” would be really big and the 5’ 8” would be the call.

I personally prefer the 5’ 6” but I am 10 - 15 lbs lighter. It might be just an optical illusion but when I look at the 5’ 8 versus the 5’ 6 I feel they made the tail on the 5 6 a tad wider relative to the max width

The celeritas has historically been a wider tailed board going back to the original square tail design and with the simple concave and relatively modest rocker has always planed up well for its size.

The 2013? Celeritas went to the rounded pin and I think a better all around design especially in waves.

If you really lean into the turn and set the whole rail you can really turn the celeritas.

I think it is interesting to contrast the screamer, square nose narrow tail, tyrant, narrow nose narrow tail, and celeritas, narrow nose wider tail

My experience with square noses, spoons etc. is they do well in river swell and less steep waves

I prefer the classic surfboard nose in steep ocean waves and for punching over the break.

I have a custom ‘classic’ shape same length as my celeritas but with the narrower tail it takes more wind to get it going but it is easier to handle a really high speed turn.

I think that is the issue with the classic shapes, you need a longer board and you lose some of the slashy feel.

Compare that at the extreme with something like a FireWire evo which you can ride really short and is great fun in soft waves and swell. But coming top to bottom off a pitching wave can be a bit exciting without a nose.

Anyway long winded way of agreeing with everyone, 5’ 8” would be great for your size.

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PostSun Mar 31, 19 7:57 am     Reply with quote

Thx. to all .5'8" it will be

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PostSun Mar 31, 19 9:01 pm     Reply with quote

I see you got some feedback on your board search Rightcoast, and have decided on a Celeritas in a smaller size than your last one. It’s obvious from the other posts that Tony has a satisfied and loyal following for his production boards, and offers several stock boards to choose from in order to meet riders’ preferences. I know Slingshot is a local product and a reputable brand, and that Tony is a fine shaper. Kudos

My personal recommendation was to get a custom shaped board. One that was hand shaped to your specs and tailored to meet your individual style. My experience has been that getting a board from the shaper’s hands is a bit different than pulling one off a shelf. There is a bit of magic in being involved in the “process” ; but hey I’m old school, a bit nostalgic, and reluctant to see custom boards go by the wayside..

Happy Kiting and Rock on!

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PostMon Apr 01, 19 6:39 am     Reply with quote

west wrote:
but hey I’m old school, a bit nostalgic, and reluctant to see custom boards go by the wayside...

Me too.

Custom boards are awesome if you can find somebody to make you one. Or a quiver.

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PostThu Apr 04, 19 10:23 am     Reply with quote

I am 5/8, 155lbs. I started on a 6'1" Tyrant. It really excelled on fast carving turns on a swell. I gave it to my brother since he needed something for big waves.

I have an older 5'11" Celeritas that I have used for light wind and some coast kiting. I have a '18 5'6" Celeritas that I use primarily in the Gorge. Really fun, but switching stances can be tricky for me.

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PostFri Apr 05, 19 12:20 pm     Reply with quote

I agree
Go custom if you can
Great to give your shaper your desires and needz.
We are shaping a few for guys in Florida and so cal now.
Already picking up pace
The season is coming and shapers get backed up quickly
So put a deposit down and get on a shapers list


CushTech aero skinned boards
Soft shell outside - eps and basalt cloth inside

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Since 27 Mar 2019
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PostSat Apr 20, 19 7:10 pm     Reply with quote

Price dropped to $ 569.00 from Real kite for the 5'8" delivered. Pulled the trigger Smile . A side note ,I have 2 custom boards form Cannibal boards for strapless but I sometimes want to go bigger and harder so the Celeritas. Enjoy your winds ..spring is here

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PostTue Apr 23, 19 5:52 pm     Reply with quote

No mention of the new Mixer? I ride a 5'4" Angry Swallow in gorge swell and love it (quad config with FCS II Performer fin upgrade); wasn't as impressed with the Screamer but probably due to my experience (or lack thereof).

Anyway, I'm 6'4" 185 and looking at investing in the 5'8" Mixer for gaining more coastal experience in better-formed waves (e.g. Waddell, SPI Gulf, Manzanitas, Newport). My friends all love their Celeritas and the reviews here are driving me in the direction of the Celero FR (since the 5'8" Celeritas on closeout seems nowhere to be found anymore).

Mixer experience anyone, or too new?

P.S. There was an unanswered question about the differences of the 'T-Rex' shapes; my understanding (beyond the shapes) is they are also better reinforced for jumping for strapless freestyle, but that's just what I learned from YouTube.

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Since 15 Aug 2007
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PostSun May 12, 19 7:00 pm     Reply with quote

My choice after trying 5-6 boards was a Airush Compact 5'9". I am 5'11" 200lb. Best all round board I ever rode for a bigger guy.

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