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Miami Beach Ban
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PostFri Jan 12, 18 7:16 am     Reply with quote

The kiting ban in Chicago is not due to the proximity of the skyscrapers. It is due to the idiocy of some of the first kiters in the city, years ago. Over time, with much effort and self-policing, ONE beach within the city of Chicago can “now” be legally kited.

Kiting is banned at all other beaches within the city of Chicago. This is actually a very good ban in my opinion. It limits the interaction between kiters and beach-goers, and prevents inevitable accidents to those NOT kiting. Kiting is a dangerous sport to bystanders, and in public places it requires regulation and the resulting prospect of a ban. Without that prospect there would be relatively little self-policing by local kiters.

Kudos to those trying to limit bans and attempting to maintain kiteboarding access in all instances. But if a ban is proposed due to safety factors caused by kiters at a specific spot, then it’s time for some reflective thinking within that local kiting community.

Happy Kiting!

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PostTue Jan 16, 18 2:45 pm    One for Matt V Reply with quote

I feel like Matt has the right idea overall and is getting beat up on by other forum goers.

Not that anyone cares, but I agree with you Matt. If the kiters can't fight for kiting access, who will?

And to answer the major argument of many people on here: if you're such an advocate of self-policing and policing, then why don't you post on the Florida forum and tell them what you think of them? Or talk to these aggressive kiters when you were there witnessing it? Sure, it'll piss most of them off, but if they at least hear that other kite communities see them as reckless, then maybe that will improve the situation.

Or we could just lobby for kite bans and my kids won't get to kite in lots of places they could have otherwise.

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Matt V

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PostThu Jan 18, 18 4:31 pm     Reply with quote

Nice of you to defend me, I appreciate the sentiment.

I do not really feel that I was being picked on. I think my argument has its merrits, just like those who are opposed to it. It is good we can discuss these issues freely and openly. Hopefully we all learn something from the discussion.

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