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fish net marker buoy/floats at Hatchery

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PostFri Sep 29, 17 1:53 pm    fish net marker buoy/floats at Hatchery Reply with quote

Had a great solo dawn patrol session this morning at the Hatch, and noticed something unusual.
Typically the native americans have white styro blocks at each end of the drift nets that are anchored along certain points of the river shoreline.
The white is usually nice to see from afar and recognize as an indicator that there is a net nearby underwater.

But, today, during my session, I was caught off guard when I came across some floating styro blocks that were covered with black plastic visqueen I did not see them until the very last minute and was able to avoid them successfully. Also tied up with these black blocks were two black buoy markers.

I mention this because I am always wary of fishnet markers all along the river.
And, in all my years, I have never come across a marker that was colored black. Usually they are supposed to be of a contrasting color.

Anyways, please be careful out there and kite with care.

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PostFri Sep 29, 17 2:21 pm    my scary story Reply with quote

BEWARE: A few years back I paddled my surfboard out to save a girls gear gear after she sailed onto a net in Stevenson. As I hoisted her gear over the net to the lee side, my toe got caught in the net, with my head half submerged. I could barely get a breath between wavelets, then had to dive under to blindly try to free my toe knowing that if I got a finger tangled it's GAME OVER. Took about ten tries and my panic was huge.

They are monofiliment crosshatch that locks down on you. Scariest moment ever on the river. I'll never go near one again without my bearclaw rescue knife.

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PostSat Sep 30, 17 12:07 pm     Reply with quote

I got tangled in one above Lyle once after I broke a line. The kite was completely tangled in the net and I had to ditch it and swim in. Then I had to dart through the railroad tunnel dodging flickering live wires and praying a train wasn't coming. I then scaled the rockfall scree to get to the rest area and hitched a ride home. When I went back with a knife to cut my kite free it was gone along with the net. The injun guy brought the kite down to Lyle sand bar and guys told them it was mine and where my house in Lyle was. They never brought it then left to the tri cities with it for a week. I had to pay him 50 bucks and had no kite for a week.

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PostSat Sep 30, 17 7:16 pm    Fish nets Reply with quote

Went to Stevenson last week lots of nets. Then I notice a guys foil was caught up in a net. He came to shore and said he might swim out try to get it. Told him not a good Idea better to have the fishermen to get the board. Half an hour later the fishermen had his board for him! Thanks to the fishermen!

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