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Best foiling in SF area?

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PostFri Sep 15, 17 10:31 am    Best foiling in SF area? Reply with quote

I'm heading down to SF next week and hoping to get some foiling in. What's the best spot for friendly launch, foiling and wind? Thanks for any tips!


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PostFri Sep 15, 17 11:50 am     Reply with quote

Difficult to compete with the shear excitement of Crissy. Yes, the winds are flukey near shore, but what a scene. Foiling under the Golden Gate. Try stopping in on Thursday at least to view the Saint Francis Yacht Club weekly foil races.
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PostFri Sep 15, 17 3:36 pm     Reply with quote

Looks like lots of NW clearing winds next week. Crissy can work, even though tides are less of a thing with foiling, it's nice if the tide isn't a psycho flood. Kind of a place you have to ride once in your life.

Ocean beach is a good place to kite, but probably rough go for foiling. Should go on the clearing winds next week. If you have a longer day - head down to waddell creek with a surf board!

3rd ave is OK for foiling, it may be a good mix of safe/mellow for foiling.

Alameda is the safest but the least likely the be windy, though you have a good chance on clearing wind days. This is my favorite spot for riding clearing winds in the bay.

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PostSat Sep 16, 17 6:49 am     Reply with quote

I can say Sherman Island is not your friend unless your already pretty self suffiecient. It's fun to cruise up and down the river through.

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PostSat Sep 16, 17 8:24 pm     Reply with quote

This time of year 3rd ave is a 50-50 shot for wind, and check the tide. You need +3 feet to foil at 3rd. If the tide doesn't work out you can launch from coyote where the water is much deeper. Talk to Sonny about launching from there.

Alameda is doable on a foil (need +3.5 tide) with a ~15m kite, just usually fluky wind near shore and kind of boring except for some spectacular sunsets over the SF skyline.

Crissy is still working most days for foilers with foil kites, and sometimes with tube kites. There will be big tides next week. If you go there know what the tide is "supposed" to do that day (the models are often off by 3+ hours), and talk to a local before launching. You need to know where the no-go zones are due to fouled up wind and where the downwind takeouts are. And please stay the hell out of the way of the commercial shipping--we had some irritated coast guard folks show up at the launch looking for someone to hang a $10000 fine on when some visitors caused a freighter to have to go full reverse to avoid them. (note that not all freighters can do this quickly, so you fuck up you may get chummed)

As someone above mentioned, the last thursday night race of the year is this week, and it can blow your mind in terms of what can be done on a foilboard in fuckall wind. Races start at 5:30, up to 3 races, show up around 4 if you want to enjoy the full racing scene.

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PostSun Sep 17, 17 8:38 am    Bad behavior at Crissy field Reply with quote

Hello Pacific North West, Crissy Field has had a recent run of bad luck with visitors, please read up on Crissy and respect our guidelines.

So sad that this weekend a large group of visitor Kite-boarders violated maritime law rule 9 by impeding the path of commercial ship traffic, this being a very large cargo container ship out bound at the golden gate bridge. The ship had to come to a complete stop.

Also I have been informed by the Coast Guard, that people are not getting on the police and fire boats, ferries when offered assistance because they do not want to be dropped off at pier 39 . Then later the Coast Guard is called out.
The taxi ride is only $20 back to the beach, just keep a 20 in your car, or CC. Or you can find out who your real friends are that drive to pier 39 to pick you up.

Incredibly disappointing to hear of some kiters being belligerent with the CG when told that they might not get taxied back directly to Crissy after a rescue. CG's policy on this is "closest safe harbor" -- and we are lucky to have them at all.the coast guard is not a taxi service, please help spread the word to all kiters (and windsurfers) to respect the conditions and the geography in the Bay, know your abilities, never depend on or expect a rescue and be respectful and grateful to the coast guard in the unexpected event that you do require a rescue.

This is so unfair to the local kite-boarders at Crissy Field.

The Coast Guard is monitoring all the kite and windsurf forums, so watch your mouth-typing.

The StFYC Sailing coaches and volunteers have been very supportive to kiteboarders and windsurfers.
It is very unfortunate that this past week they were disrepected.
Here is there story from Head Sailing Couch St Francis Yacht Club.
"I am the head sailing coach at StFYC. In my time here I have rescued at least 30 kiteboarders and a couple of windsurfers. Yesterday afternoon I was on the water in a RIB with 5 dinghies, a total of 10 teenagers. Breeze was 15-25kts, with a touch of ebb on it. I was doing everything I could to keep my boats upright and safe. A passing kiteboarder informed me of a kiter in trouble, asked me to help. I told him I couldnt leave my sailors, but could call the coast guard for him. Before I could pick up the radio, another kiter came up and yelled at me that I "I had to go rescue him". I explained to him why I couldnt, and he began to curse at me. In the end, another one of StFYCs coaches came out from the harbor and rescued the kiter.
I just want to make sure that everyone at Crissy understands that StFYC sailing coaches all have a obligation to the sailors they are coaching, to keep them safe. The USCG is always available to rescue you and your friends. We are sometimes available to help out. But if one of my younger coaches had been berated by your friend, id be on the beach finding him."

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PostMon Sep 18, 17 7:12 pm     Reply with quote

Thanks to morecoffee for the tip on coyote point. Super fun foil sesh there today! Thanks to the nwkite crew for all the great beta!

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