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Best spot to ride coast for first time?
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PostMon Jul 03, 17 1:34 pm     Reply with quote

Thanks everyone for the suggestions.
Not me at Florence on Sat. Was there someone riding a skim board?

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PostThu Jul 06, 17 10:08 am     Reply with quote

Skimboards are very wide and have very flat rocker and that makes them great in light wind.

I ride a finless skim about 50% of the time and it is by far the best LW board I have short of my foilboard.

Once the wind picks up though then so does the chop and riding skimboards in chop is hard on the knees and annoying. Also with small or no fins handling overpowered conditions is difficult.

For anything above 13 knots you'll want a surfboard with some rocker on it or something creating artificial flat water for you (jetty, reform, shallows, etc).

My advice for starting out with a directional would be get a Shinnster. The board is easy, fun and versatile. Wax the nose and it rides great backwards if you need to dodge a closeout. It can't hold a bottom turn but it's still fun to break it loose and slide. It's snowboard construction so you can't ding it so you can just let it wash up on the beach. It cuts through chop and goes up wind like a rocket. Terrible for strapless airs though. Not great for shredding waves, but still fun to actually surf waves with. Surfs big swell really well too. I like it better than the original BRM Paipo because it's a lot flexier.

For kite surfboards opt for a quad for better upwind. My real wave board is a Cab Secret Weapon.

The Ocean Rodeo Mako Duke & Jester are killer lake/river boards but suck in real waves. They are easy to learn on too and would be my main board for riding the gorge.

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PostWed Jul 12, 17 10:39 am    Thanks! Reply with quote

Just wanted to follow up with a big thank you to everyone who helped get me riding out on the coast.

Last Saturday we had really consistent wind for hours. I was able to go out on my 11 for 2 hours, come back for a quick break, then back out for another hour or 2.

There is something about riding on the ocean that really "rocks your soul." Hard to put into words, but I'll go with "rock your soul."

It wouldn't be possible for me to have done that without all the help in this forum and on the beach. Matt V in particular is my favorite person in the world right now.

I hope to be out there quite a bit this summer, hopefully even some trips down to Manzanita where I understand I will be tested by some bigger more inconsistent waves.

If I can ever help anyone else out on here just let me know! I've got a little 2 door but I can fit another person. 503.858.7087, I'm in the very NW corner of Portland by Hillsboro/Beaverton

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PostMon Jul 17, 17 9:34 am    Perfect first Coast day today Reply with quote

Perfect forecast today for the north coast. Whitecaps at Cannon so Shipwreck should be good and lit at manzanita. Small 2' swell


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Since 06 Dec 2011
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SE PDX volcano

PostFri Jul 21, 17 5:34 am    North Coast weekend Reply with quote

Gorge looks light but manzanita looks like the call Saturday and Fort Stevens should work Sunday. Everyone should try a Fort Stevens downwinder once in their life, it will get you slashing faster than anywhere


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Matt V

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PostFri Jul 21, 17 7:48 am     Reply with quote

Yup, it looks like the forecast is holding for that to work. Should be the call to hit Ft. Stevens Sunday. It could even work Saturday up there, though it is showing a pretty late blow.
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