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Newb foiler - need some advice/tips please
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PostThu Mar 16, 17 6:57 pm     Reply with quote

a_b wrote:

juan - Nice mod on the surfy. A few Qs for you too if you don't mind:
- how did you settle on mast placement relative to the tail of your board and rear foot placement?
- any significant flex on your board?
- did you pod some inserts in?
- how's your board holding out?

thanks again.

I wanted to use my existing inserts too. I was advised that a standard is to place front bolts for mast plate 37cm back of the rear holes for the front strap insert. So that placed front insert and mast plate. Rear inserts I left where they were. I found the stance worked out to 70cm, which is 2cm wider than my normal surfboard inserts and was 17cm wider than my old carafino. I thought it would be too wide, but stoked to find it was perfect. And also surprised to find out my carafino's stance was WAY too narrow. But anyways I use a rear hook facing backward, so I can slide my foot forward as desired, or back against hook if need to lean against it.

For stance, just straight across surfboard-style works fine ... and I think is preferable if you want to ride toeside much.

Board is holding out fine, after 25 sessions or so. But it had a pre existing flex just in front of mast plate, so its days are numbered for sure. I don't notice any flex while riding though.

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PostThu Mar 16, 17 8:11 pm     Reply with quote

we made new holes on joes deck for a front foot strap. just drilled and installed tee nuts.

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Matt V

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PostFri Mar 17, 17 4:56 am     Reply with quote

The front foot controls the placement of the mast on standard foils. Remember, you have a canard though. So this may not apply. I have no idea why they are talking about distance from tail in their specs.

The standard Liquid Force Kite Fish mast placement had the front foot heavily weighted during normal riding. Some moved their mast back another set of holes to the rear to lighten up the front foot and go more 50/50 (use the old rear mast holes for the front, and drill new rears aft of the old ones). I did a half way back of this placement, but in the end, I just used and am still using the standard placement.

On a strapless foilboard, you have lots of freedom. Most riders who choose this option find their feet getting closer and closer together - much like the Carafino foil board.

But for a jibe without touching down, you need to have more weight on the front foot strap to compensate for pulling out your back foot and placing it in front of the rear strap on the jibe initiation and up until you switch feet.

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