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Ideas for old kites that I need to be rid of.
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PostThu Feb 16, 17 10:15 pm     Reply with quote

Kalena does great work, custom designs on request.

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PostSat Feb 18, 17 9:12 pm     Reply with quote

AKkiter wrote:
These are all great ideas!
I especially like the wind breaker jacket plan!

From Eugene Oregon check out The Green Pepper

Wind & Rain Suit Pattern

Poncho Pattern

Hat Pattern

Gaiter Pattern

Wind Slither wrote:
Let's get those old bright kites and make some outfits like back in '86 when the Gorge was cool!

Jumpsuit Pattern

Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore, send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me…and I’ll sew em’ into some cool stuff.

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PostWed Feb 22, 17 7:50 pm     Reply with quote

A couple of years ago I collected kite gear that mostly came from the Seattle kite community. I inspected all of the gear and sold all on Ebay. Some of these kites were fairly old but still in great condition. I made sure I had clear warnings, so beginners would not purchase a 2004 C kite.

I collected about $2,500 and then gave it to various people that had corporate matching opportunities at their places of employment. The donations were spread out, but we raised about $5k for KB4C. How we doubled the donations may have violated the matching fund rules, but I did not really care. It was a considerable amount of work, but I have a thing for not being wasteful and finding the highest and best use for unwanted items and it was for a good cause.

If you reach out via eBay you will find demand. Doubling the value through matching funds and donating the net proceeds to a cause is better than repurposing the material into other goods (unless they are also sold to raise funds).

Here is a thread from that effort

I have since moved to Lake Oswego and bought an Allstate agency in Wilsonville. My hands are full, but I hope to resurrect this effort in a year or two when I get a better handle on my business.

If someone else wanted to take on such an effort they are welcome to contact me for insight.

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PostFri Feb 24, 17 9:26 am     Reply with quote

you guys are doing it wrong. make some money from those used kites!!

1. cut them up and make women's underwear.
2. find semi-attractive women to wear them for a week with showering.
3. sell used underwear on Craigslist Tokyo.

Bury me standing cause I won't lay down!!

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